Baseball Training

At Excel Baseball Training, our training is just as intense mentally as it is physically. In a game where failing 70% of the time is considered good you have to be mentally tough. The key is not how many times you fail but how quickly can you diagnose the failure and make adjustments before the next at bat or next play. Preparation equals confidence.

Baseball Training Services




Every hitter's swing is similar to our DNA. Even though 99% of their swing contains similarities common to all batters that 1% is what can make you 100% better and more confident at the plate. Some of the things we work on in our sessions include in depth discussions about hitting approaches, making consistent contact, timing, load, pitch recognition, reading the field, video breakdown, and understanding hitting counts.

Hitting may get all the attention but defense wins championships. In the fielding sessions some of the topics we train on are footwork, pre-pitch positioning, count recognition, reading the ball off the bat, wall drills, and cutting down runners.

Stealing bases is a lost art that is fading away from the game. Primarily because every one focuses on the long ball and think you have to be blazing fast to be a threat. However, we will show you how even the slowest guy on the team can be a smart and effective base runner. These are skills that show coaches and scouts that you understand the game and not just relying on the obvious strengths. Some of the skills we work on is reading pitchers, downward angles, leadoffs, and running mechanics.


A pitcher is the most important position on the field. You have the most influence on the game whether positive or negative. Pitching mechanics are especially critical for the health of kids, so the quicker you learn good technique the better. Good pitching requires you to know how to generate power from your lower half without throwing your arm out of rhythm. Pitching is a game of chess, you just have to know the right moves to make at the right time to put your team in the best position to win

SPA Training

Conditioning your body is your highest priority. You only have one body and you can't trade in or trade up. Baseball is played all year round, so if you don't condition your body it will eventually break down from the wear and tear of the grind. Excel training is centered around high intensity exercises that refine your hand-eye coordination, foot work, core strength, and endurance. Some people will never have blazing speed, but EVERYBODY can be quick, effective, and dangerous.